Volume 40 | Issue 2

Volume 40 Issue Two

Faculty Contributions

Deriving Law from the Biblical Narrative: The Book of Ruth

George Dargo

Nine Questions About Same-Sex Marriage Conflict

Stanley E. Cox

Toxic Torts, Autism, and Bad Science: Why the Courts May be Our Best Defense Against Scientific Relativism

Joelle Anne Moreno

Llewellyn’s Code as a Reflection of Legal Consciousness

Curtis Nyquist

Reckoning with Dissonance: Thoughts on State Constitutional Law and Constitutional Discourse

Lawrence Friedman

Improving Enforcement Mechanisms in the Charitable Sector: Can Increased Disclosure of Information be Utilized Effectively?

Ronald Chester

From the Margins to the Core: Integrating Public Service Legal Work into the Mainstream of Legal Education

Russell Engler

Our Environmental Rebels: An Average American Law Professor’s Perspective on Environmental Advocacy and the Law

Peter Manus

Sovereignty, Identity, and the ‘Apparatus of Death’

Tawia Ansah

Common Law Marriage: A Proposal for the Revival of a Dying Doctrine

Sonya C. Garza

Oath and Affirmation in the Court: Thoughts on the Power of a Sworn Promise

Nadine Farid

Book Review: Many Unhappy Returns: One Man’s Question to Turn Around the Most Unpopular Organization in America

Eric A. Lustig


Hernandez v. Ashcroft: A Construction of “Extreme Cruelty” Under the Violence Against Women Act and its Potential Impact on Immigration and Domestic Violence Law

Alexandra Blake Flamme


The Congress Do Us Part: The Marriage Protection Act, Federal Court-Stripping, and Same-Sex Marriage

J. Spencer Jenkins

The Current Fate of the Lobster Fishery and a Proposal for Change

Samantha Renee Smith.