Volume 42 | Issue 4

Volume 42 Issue Four


The Bhopal Disaster Approaches 25:
Looking Back to Look Forward

Foreword: The Bhopal Disaster Approaches 25: Looking Backward to Forward

Eric A. Lustig

Bhopal’s Trials of Knowledge and Ignorance

Shiela Jasanoff

Thinking About Justice “Outside of the Box”: Could Restorative Justice Practices Create Justice for Victims of International Disasters?

Davalene Cooper

Holding Oil Companies Liable for Human Rights Violations in a Post-Sosa World

James Goodwin and Armin Rosencranz

The ATCA at the Intersection of International Law and U.S. Law

John Cerone

The Disaster at Bhopal: Lessons for Corporate Law?

Kent Greenfield

Corporate Design: The Missing Organizational and Public Policy Issue of Our Time

Marjorie Kelly and Allen White

Corporate Responsibility Reporting in China, India, Japan, and the West: One Mantra Does Not Fit All

Adam J. Sulkowski, S.P. and Lu Wei

Indians and Indios: Echoes of the Bhopal Disaster in the Achular People of Peru’s Struggle Against Toxic Legacy of Occidental Petroleum

Allison M. Dussias

Bhopal, Precaution and the Boston Biolab

Peter Manus


Municipal Liability Under s. 1983: The Difficulty in Determining Improper Notices of a Multi-Member Municipal Board

Peter T. DePasquale

A Meaningful Presentation: Proposing a Less Restrictive Way to Distribute Eagle Feathers

Stephen Rosecan


State v. Howard: Jeopardizing the Right of Oregonians to be Free From Governmental Scrutiny by Allowing it to be Hauled Away on Garbage Day

Anthony W. Morse