Volume 46 | Issue 1

Volume 46 Issue One

100th Commencement Address at New England Law | Boston: May 27, 2011

Jane Sullivan-Roberts


Stop the Beach Renourishment v. Florida Department of Environmental Protection in a Comparative Law Context

Carla Spivack

What One Lawyer Can Do For Society: Lessons From The Remarkable Career of William P. Homans Jr.

Mark Brodin

History’s Orphan: Arthur MacLean and the Legal Education of Women

Ronald Chester


From the Courthouse to the Police Station: Combating the Dual Biases That Surround Federal Money-Laundering Asset Forfeiture

Owen Sucoff

Affordable Housing in Massachusetts: How to Preserve the Promise of “40B” with Lessons from Rhode Island

Erika Barber

All A-“Twitter”: The Buzz Surrounding the Egregious Nature of Ranting on Social Networking Sites and Its Ramifications on the Employment Relationship

Kimberly Bielan


As Luck Would Have It: Pollard v. Geo Group, Inc.’s Extension of the Bivens Remedy Against Private Prison Employees

Michelle Byers

The Government Knows Best?: The Government’s Use of Minors as a Shield for Imposing Paternalistic Motives

Melaney Hodge

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