Volume 48 Issue Three

Foreword: Productivity in Public Adjudication

Jordan M. Singer

Keynote, Measuring Holmes’ “Regiments”

Hon. William G. Young


Pretrial Bench Presence

Steven S. Gensler & Lee H. Rosenthal

Against Accuracy (As a Measure of Judicial Performance)

Chad M. Oldfather

The Perils of Productivity

Mark Spottswood

Doing More with Less in Twenty-First Century Courts

Carolyn A. Dubay

Evaluating the Written Opinions of Appellate Judges

Malia Reddick

Bench Presence 2014: An Updated Look at Federal District Court Productivity

Jordan M. Singer & Hon. William G. Young


The Mechanic’s Lien – Are You Protected?

Gregory Paonessa

Corporations Are Different: Why Corporations Do Not Deserve the Same Constitutional Protections as Us

Allison Reuter


Don’t Buck the Trend: Misinterpreting Lapides in Order to Minimize State Employees’ Remedies Under the FLSA in Bergemann v. Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management

Stephen Shorey

The Second Circuit Serves Up Some Knowledge in Viacom v. Youtube

Robert J. Williams, Jr.