Fall Symposium

Each year the New England Law Review hosts a traditional panel symposium in the fall. The fall symposium represents a focused scholarly discussion on a discreet area of the law. We invite leading practitioners, academics, and judges to participate as panelists and ask them to share their perspectives on the central legal issue. Following the paneled discussions, many of the participants contribute an article expounding upon their particular perspective. These articles make up the professional content for Issue Three.

Spring Paper Symposium

Additionally, the New England Law Review hosts a non-traditional paper symposium in the spring. Unlike the fall symposium, the spring symposium takes place mostly on paper (hence, its name), meaning that most of the colloquy only appears in writing and not actually at the event itself. Each paper symposium focuses on a recent scholarly work that promises to make a significant contribution to the legal discourse in a given area of the law. We then publish an entire issue comprised of articles responding to that work. Prior to publication, we invite the author of the organizing work to give a presentation at New England Law | Boston.

Homans Lecture

Each year the Massachusetts Social Law Library and the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Historical Society host an educational lecture in association with the “William P. Homans, Jr., Esq. Endowment.” This event is commonly referred to as the “Homans Lecture.” In early 2012, the Social Law Library agreed to partner with the New England Law Review to help plan and promote the event moving forward. As part of this partnership, the Law Review has committed to publishing an article written by one of the featured speakers.