Podcast: Commonwealth v. Vacher

Today, we are discussing a recent Mass. Crim. Digest blog post on Commonwealth v. Vacher, decided August 14, 2014. The Mass. Crim. Digest, formerly known as the Massachusetts Criminal Digest, was the New England Law Review’s online case-summary database that provided citable, straightforward summaries of recent criminal law cases decided by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, or SJC. In 2014 the Mass. Crim. Digest was retired, though summaries of cases decided by the SJC under Articles 12 and 14 of the Massachusetts Declaration of Rights are still provided through our editor blog.

We are joined by a Volume 49 Comment and Note Editor, Catherine Flaherty, to discuss her Mass. Crim. Digest blog post about Commonwealth v. Vacher, citation of which is 469 Mass. 425, again decided August 14, 2014. Catherine, thank you for joining me today.

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