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Contributing Author Profile: Eric J. Gouvin

The New England Law Review is honored to announce that Eric J. Gouvin will be contributing to On Remand this spring.

Gouvin, Dean of Western New England University School of Law, has contributed to corporate law scholarship and entrepreneurship education since 1991, when he first became a member of Western New England’s faculty. In addition to teaching numerous courses in corporate, transactional, and entrepreneurship law for the past twenty-five years, Dean Gouvin established both the Small Business Clinic and the Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Western New England.

Dean Gouvin’s strong interest in corporate and entrepreneurship law has extended throughout the New England region and beyond. He currently serves on the Board of Editors for the Kauffman Foundation’s eLaw website, on the entrepreneurial ecosytem committee of the Economic Development Council of Western Massachusetts, and on the board of the Harold Grinspoon Charitable Foundation’s Entrepreneurship Initiative. Dean Gouvin has also taught in Lithuania and France as a visiting professor, presented in China as a Fulbright Specialist, and delivered papers in England, Belgium, Greece, France, and Canada. His scholarly work often provides an international or comparative law perspective.

Before joining the faculty at Western New England, Dean Gouvin represented Fortune 500 companies and closely held businesses at the Portland, Maine firm of Bernstein, Shur, Sawyer and Nelson. He earned his B.A. from Cornell University; J.D. and LL.M. from Boston University; and M.P.A. from Harvard University.

Contributing Author: Christine L. Vana

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