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The New England Law Review is extremely thankful for the continued support it receives from its alumni. We strive to stay engaged with our alumni, and hope you will keep your communication with us open. If you have an alumnus that you wish to nominate for a spotlight feature please contact us at

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Fall 2013 Alumni Event

Thank you to everyone who attended the first Alumni Event of the New England Law Review. It was great to see many faces from a variety of volumes. The event was held on October 26, 2013, at Lir on Boylston Street. Also, a big congratulations to all of the most recent alumni of the Law Review who passed their respective bar exams!

From left to right: Keith Richard, v.48 Executive Comment & Note Editor; Sarah Kmieciak, v. 47 Technical Editor; Alex Aferiat, v. 47 Executive Online Editor; and Erin Hysell, v. 47 Executive Comment & Note Editor.
From left to right: Justin Kesselman, v. 47 Executive Articles Editor; William Wynne, v. 47 Editor-in-Chief; Andrew Higley, v. 48 Executive Comment & Note Editor; and Taylore Karpa, v. 48 Associate.
From left to right: Julianna Zitz, v. 48 Associate; Timothy Arnold, v. 48 Associate; and Greg Paonessa, v. 48 Executive Comment & Note Editor.