New England Law Review

Membership Information

The New England Law Review consists of approximately sixty second- and third-year law students at the New England Law | Boston in Boston, Massachusetts and is led by an Editorial Board.

To become a member of the Law Review, students completing their first-year in the top fifty percent of their class may participate in a spring write-on competition. This competition takes place every spring semester in conjunction with the other academic journals at New England Law | Boston. Based on performance in this competition, approximately thirty students are invited to join the Law Review, beginning in the Fall semester of their second year. Second-year evening students are also eligible to participate in this “write-on” competition. For more information on eligibility and the write-on competition, see our Constitution and By-Laws.

Responsibilities of Staff Members

Staff members have numerous responsibilities. These duties include source assertion checking, office hours, article evaluation, and writing a publishable Comment and Note. Prospective members should be aware that new Associates are required to return to school approximately a week before classes begin to undergo orientation and begin work. For more information, see the By-Laws.