Homans Lecture

The “William P. Homans, Jr., Esq. Endowment” Scholarly Discussion


Each year the Massachusetts Social Law Library and the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Historical Society host an educational lecture in association with the “William P. Homans, Jr., Esq. Endowment.” This event is commonly referred to as the “Homans Lecture.”

We are pleased to announce that the New England Law Review has been asked to partner with the above organizations to help plan and promote the event moving forward.

As part of this partnership, each year the New England Law Review has committed to publishing an article written by one of the featured speakers. Last year’s speaker was Boston College Law School Professor Mark Brodin. Professor Brodin’s lecture and article detailed the life of William P. Homans, Jr. and served as a tribute to the remarkable man after whom the endowment takes its name.

The 2012 Homans Lecture was titled, “Political Repression, Now and Then: The Persistence of Paranoia in American Politics.” On March 22, 2012 panelists discussed parallels between the McCarthy Era “Red Scare” and modern day Muslim xenophobia in American politics.

The panelists featured at the 2012 Homans Lecture were:

Edward J. Barshak, Sugarman Rogers Barshak & Cohen PC

Prof. Judith Holmes, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Prof. Ellen Schrecker, Yeshiva University

Prof. Intisar Rabb, Boston College Law School

Prof. Mark S. Brodin, of Boston College Law School, moderated the panel discussion.


Gallery From The 2012 Homans Lecture: “Political Repression, Now and Then” | March 22, 2012

From left to right: Prof. Mark S. Brodin; Edward J. Barshak, Esq.; Prof. Judith Holmes; Prof. Ellen Schrecker
Prof. Mark S. Brodin
Edward J. Barshak
Prof. Judith Holmes
Prof. Ellen Schrecker
Prof. Intisar Rabb


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