Volume 40 | Issue 3

Volume 40 Issue Three


From Grand Slams to Grand Juries:
Performance-Enhancing Drug Use In Sports

Introductory Remarks: How it All Began: The move to Drug Testing
Gordon A. Martin Jr.
Keynote Address: The Real Story of Baseball’s Drug Problems
Will Carroll
The Challenge and the Tragedy
Denise A. Garibaldi Ph.D.
Steroids: The Media Effect and High School Athletes
Chip Dempsey
Running Head: Pyshological Dependency to Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids: Exploring the Role of Social Mediation
Tracy W. Olrich & Mario J. Vassallo
Resolution of Doping Disputes in Olympic Sport: Challenges Presented by “non-Analytical” Cases
Cameron A. Myler
Changing the Game: The Congressional Response to Sports Doping Via the Anabolic Steroid Control Act
Rick Collins
The Deal with the Devil: “A Commentary”
Brian R. Cook
The Imperial Commissioner Mountain Landis and his Progeny: The Evolving Power of Commissioners Over Players
Wm. David Cornwell Sr.
Drug Testing Provisions: An Examination of Disparities in Rules and Collective Bargaining Agreement Provisions
Lisa Pike Masteralexis
Is there a Steroids Problem? The Problematic Character of the Case of Regulation
Lewis Kurlantzick
Drug Testing of Athletes – An Internal, Not External, Matter
Matthew J. Mitten
Renovating Our Recreational Crimes
Paul Weiler
The Players Have Lost That Argument: Doping, Drug Testing, and Collective Bargaining
Paul H. Haagen


Get a Real Job! The national Labor Relations Board Decides Graduate Student Workers at Private Universities Are Not “Employees” Under the National labor Relations Act
Ryan Patrick Dunn
Hiibel v. Sixth Judicial District of Nevada: Is a Suspect’s Refusal to Identify Himself Protected by the Fifth Amendment?
Michael D. Treacy


The Restriction of Political Associational Rights Under Current Campaign Finance Reform First Amendment Jurisprudence
Stephanie A. Sprague