Volume 41 | Issue 2

Volume 41 Issue Two

Commencement Address

New England School of Law Commencement Address
Hon. Justice John L. Murray


Picking Up the Pieces of the Gordian-Knot: Towards a Sensible Merger Methodology
Bruce A. Antokwiak

Book Review

Pursuing Justice: The Making of a Civil Rights Lawyer
Lawrence M. Friedman


Warning: Statues May Be Interpreted in an Unforseeably Expansive Manner: United States v. Councilman
Talya Yaylaian


The Appropriate Response of the United States to Forced Abortion in China: Should Section 601(A) of the IIRIRA Be Extended to Allow Asylum for Unmarried Couples?
Moshe S. Berman
Do International Fences Really Make Good Neighbors? The Zeroing Conflict Between Antidumping Law and International Obligations
Jeffrey W. Spaulding