Volume 41 | Issue 3

Volume 41 Issue Three


CSI and Its Effects: Media, Juries, and the Burden of Proof
Simon A. Cole & Rachel Dioso-Villa
The CSI Effect: Its Impact and Potential Concerns
Craig M. Cooley
Devil in a White Coat: The Temptations of Forensic Evidence in the Age of CSI
Herbie J. DiFonzo & Ruth C. Stern
Untangling the CSI Effect in Criminal Jurisprudence: Circumstantial Evidence, Reasonable Doubt, and Jury Manipulation
Saby Ghoshray
Prosecuting Government Fraud Despite the “CSI Effect”: Getting the Jury to Follow the Money
James B. Johnston
Depiction of the “CSI Effect” in Popular Culture: Portrait in Domination and Effective Affectation
Thomas W. Nolan
The “CSI Effect” on Real Crime Labs
Sheila L. Stephens
Remarks on the Use and Misuse of Forensic Science to Lead to False Convictions
Edward J. Ungvarsky


The Psychotherapist-Patient Privilege: The Perils of Recognizing a “Dangerous Patient” Exception in Criminal Trials
Anthony Parsio