Volume 42 | Issue 1

Volume 42 Issue One

In Memoriam

Judge James R. Lawton
John F. O’Brien

Commencement Address

New England School of Law Commencement Address
Michael J. Sullivan


Borders Beyond Borders – Protecting Essential Tribal Relations Off Reservation Under the Indian Child Welfare Act
Patrice H. Kunesh
No Right to Respect: Dred Scott and the Southern Honor
Cecil J. Hunt III


Chipping at the Iceberg: How Massachusetts Anti-Discrimination Law Can Survive ERISA Preemption and Mandate the Extension of Employee Benefits to All Married Spouses Without Regard to Sexual Orientation
Joel M. Nolan
Prosecution Without Persecution: The Inability of Courts to Recognize Christian Science Spiritual Healing and a Shift Towards Legislative Action
Allison Ciullo
Telemedicine in Massachusetts: A Better Way to Regulate
Sarah E. Born
A Search for “Wisdom, Justice, and Moderation” in Wilson v. State
Wendy S. Cash