Volume 42 | Issue 3

Volume 42 Issue Three

In Memoriam

Justice Martha B. Sosman
Hon. Robert J. Cordy &
Hon. Leila Kern


Justice Martha B. Sosman and the Jurisprudence of Rights and Remedies
Lawrence Friedman


Attitude Issues: The Difficulty of Using Personal and Ideological Characteristics to Predict Justice Martha B. Sosman’s Decision in Goodridge v. Department of Public Health
Brian Sheppard
The Dissents of Justice Martha B. Sosman: Judicial Restraint and Intellectual Honesty
Brandon L. Bigelow & Dalmau Garcia
A Unique Compromise: Justice Martha B. Sosman’s Crafting of a Rule Governing the Electronic Recording of Interrogations in Commonwealth v. DiGiambattista
Rachel E. Brodin & Rebecca Rogers
The Pragmatic Jurist’s Approach to the Confrontation Clause: Justice Martha B. Sosman’s Concurrence in Commonwealth v. Gonsalves
Ritu Bhatnagar


The Conduct Commission and Agreed Disposition: Limiting Judicial Independence in Massachusetts
Stephen P. Daly
Kick Me Out of the Ballgame: The Boston Red Sox, The BRA, and the Taking of Yawkey Way
Brian Mahler
Siting of Renewable Energy Facilities and Adversarial Legalism: Lessons from Cape Cod
Iva Ziza


Commonwealth v. King’s “First Complaint Doctrine”: The Voice of Injustice May Speak Loudly When Rape Victims Are Silenced
Scott D. Carman