Volume 43 | Issue 2

Volume 43 Issue Two


The Challenges of Democratic Consolidation in Africa
Okechukwu Oko
An Inquiry into CEO Compensation Practices in the United States and Proposals for Federal Law Reform
William Arthur Wines & Thomas M. Fuhrmann


The Fourteenth Amendment Due Process Right of Companionship Between a Parent and His or Her Adult Child: Examination of a Circuit Split
Meir Weinberg


Howard v. Malac – Opening the Door for Constitutional Claims by Biological Parents for Abuse of Their Children by Foster Parents
Abigail C. Ross
Challenging the Use of Fraud to Get into Bed After Suliveres v. Commonwealth – A Call for Legislative Reform
Jacqueline Syrnick
United States v. Andrus: Does the Apparent Authority Doctrine Allow Circumvention of Fourth Amendment Protection in the Warrantless Search of a Password-Protected Computer?
Michael J. Ticcioni
Everything You Will Ever Want to Know About Puffery and How the Second Circuit Wrongly Applies it in Time Warner Cable, Inc. v. DIRECTV, Inc.
Owen Weaver