Volume 43 | Issue 3

Volume 43 Issue Three


The Swindle of Fragmented Criminalization: Continuing Piecemeal Responses to International Terrorism and Al Qaeda
James D. Fry
Evolving Images of Gender and Equality: A Feminist Journey
Martha Albertson Fineman
Why Private Mercenary Companies Should be Legitimized and Allowed to Enter the World Stage
Edieth Y. Wu


The Health Workplace Bill: A Proposal to Address Workplace Bullying in Massachusetts
Joanna Canty
Abrogating the Supreme Court’s De Facto Rational Basis Standard for Commercial Speech: A Survey and Proposed Revision of the Third Central Hudson Prong
Shannon M. Hinegardner
Evening out a Stacked Deck: A Suggestion for Improving Judicial Economy and Promoting Prisoner Access to Justice
Geoffrey Donald Petis
Restitution in Favor of the Party-in-Breach: Contract law in Massachusetts Remains a Breeding Ground for Unjust Enrichment
Nicholas F. Pompelio
Shiting Burden: An Argument For a Rebuttable Presumption Against Visitation During a 209A Restraining order Proceeding
Jacqueline Syrnick
A Missed Opportunity to Bolster Consumer Protection in Massachusetts: How Massachusetts Residents Are Still Without a Private Right of Action After the TJX Security Breach
Owen Weaver