Volume 43 | Issue 4

Volume 43 Issue Four

The Jurisprudence of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Justice Ginsburg’s Dissent in Bush v. Gore
Hugh Baxter
Jurisdictional Resequencing and Restraining
Heather Elliott
Justice Ginsburg’s Common-Law Federalism
David L. Franklin
In a Dissenting Voice: Justice Ginsburg’s Federalism
Russell A. Miller
“Equal Citizenship Statute”: Justice Ginsburg’s Constitutional Vision
Neil S. Siegel
Justice Ginsburg’s Footnotes
Jay D. Wexler


Pressure Points: How a Combination of Methods Employed to Reduce Urban Firearm Crime Threatens the 4th Amendment and Proposed Solutions
David Hinson
Preemption Does Not Strike Twice: How Massachusetts Public Housing Authorities Can Protect Innocent Tenants and Avoid Preemption Under Boston Housing Authority v. Garcia
N. Anthony Palumbo


What Happens When Student-Athletes Are The Ones Who Blow the Whistle?: How Lowery v. Euverard Exposes a Deficiency in the First Amendment Rights of Student Athletes
Edmund Donnelly
Leaving fraudulent Patent Procurement to the Realme of Antritrust Liability in Dippin Dots, Inc. v. Mosey
Trace W. Rakestraw