Volume 43 | Issue 1

Volume 43 Issue One

A Discussion of Boumediene v. Bush

Victor M. Hansen
Who Got Game? Boumediene v. Bush and the Judicial Gamesmanship of Enemy-combatant Detention
Daniel R. Williams
The Role of the Courts in the War on Terror: The Intersection of Hyperbole, Military Necessity, and Judicial Review
Geoffrey S. Corn
Liberty, Judicial Review, and the Rule of Law at Guantanamo: A Battle Half Won
Douglass Cassel


Mother Might Not Always Know Best: Edwards v. Arizona, Van Hook v. Anderson, and the Case for Third-party Initiation Exclusively from Attorneys
N. Anthony Palumbo
Shin v. Ahn Applies the Primary Assumption of Risk Doctrine to Injuries Sustained by Golfers in the Same Group: Negligence Goes Unpunished
Evan Steele Fensterstock


Big Love or Big Problem: Should Polygamous Relationships Be a Factor in Determining Custody?
Lauren C. Miele
A Silver Lining in Domestic Turmoil: A Call for Massachusetts to Adopt the UCCJEA’s Emergency Jurisdiction Provision
Julie A. Morley