Volume 44 | Issue 1

Volume 44 Issue One


Hirsch Lecture: Gender, Masculinities, and Transition in Conflicted Societies
Naomi Cahn & Fionnuala ni Aolain
The Estate and Gift Tax Implications of Self-Settled Domestic Asset Protection Trusts: Can You Really Have Your Cake and Eat it Too?
Phyllis C. Smith


The Constitutionality of Stop-Loss and Why it is Better for the Country than the Draft
Tim Donahue
Noble in Theory, Vain in Practice: A Critique of Level One Sex Offenders in Massachusetts
Jenai J. Cormier
Copyright Protection for the Fruits of Digital Labor: Finding Originality in Digital Wire-Frames
Michael Palumbo
“The Machine Knows!”: What Legal Implications Arise for GPS Device Manufacturers When Drivers Following Their GPS Device Instructions Cause an Accident?
Martin J. Saulen


Pregnancy as a Result of Unlawful But Non-Forcible Sexual Conduct is Not a Form of Great Bodily Injury
Sabrina Bonanno
No Helping Hand for Drug Addicts: A Helping Hand L.L.C. v. Baltimore County, Maryland, the ADA, and the Case for Disabled Drug Addicts
Kevin Voyvodich