Volume 44 | Issue 2

Volume 44 Issue Two


Five Against the Environment
Peter Manus
Coming Full CERCLA: Why Burlington Northern is Not the Word of Damocles for Joint and Several Liability
Martha L. Judy
The 2008-2009 Term and the Clean Water Act: Justice Kennedy Where Art Thou?
Mark Latham
Unprecedented Harm: Will the Roberts Court Recognize the Distinction Between Global Warming and Its Effects?
Susan Muller
“You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat”: Somali Piracy and the Erosion of Customary Piracy Suppression
Jarret Berg


State Religious Freedom Restoration Acts as a Solution to the Free Exercise Problem of Religiously Based Refusals to Administer Health Care
Keleen Patricia Forlizzi
Taking Responsibility: A Case for Due Process Rights to a Commonwealth Care Employer-Sponsored Insurance Waiver
Zoe Paolantonio


Why the Kennedy v. Louisiana Holding Does Not Afford Missouri a Voice
Jessica Cullivan
Incorporating the Analyses of the Kansas Supreme Court under In re L.M. to Create a More Broadly Applicable Juvenile Justice Holding
Caroline Selig