Volume 45 | Issue 2

Volume 45 Issue Two


Crossing the Border:
The Future of Immigration Law and Its Impact on Lawyers

Dina Francesca Haynes
Padilla v. Kentucky and the Evolving Right to Deportation Counsel: Watershed or Work-in-Progress?
Daniel Kanstroom
Will Padilla Reach Across the Border?
Rachel Rosenbloom
Where Do We Go From Padilla v. Kentucky? Thoughts on Implementation and Future Directions
Maureen Sweeney
Hearing Difficult Voices: The Due Process Rights of Mentally Disabled Individuals in Removal Proceedings
Alice Clapman
Implicit Bias and Immigration Reform
Fatma Marouf
Illegal Immigration, Arizona, and the 14th Amendment: The Case for Limits and Enforcement
Jan C. Ting


Helping Those Who Serve: Veterans Treatment Court Foster Rehabilitation and Reduce Recidivism for Offending Combat Veterans Who Suffer From Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injuries
Jillian M. Cavanaugh


Why Thurdin v. SEI Boston, LLC Does a Disservice to Small Business
Michael A. Saracino
The Doo-Wop Ditty Did it Right: Janky v. Lake County Convention and Visitors Bureau
Denielle Stritch