Volume 45 | Issue 3

Volume 45 Issue Three


Unpacking Inequality and Class: Family, Gender and the Reconstruction of Class Barriers
June Carbone
Changing the Rules of the Game: Deriving New Rules and Practices from Caperton v. A.T. Massey Coal Co.
Aman L. McLeod
Single-Case Research and the History of American Legal Thought
Curtis Nyquist
Book Review: Is There a Case for Congress?
Elizabeth A. Wilson


Protecting Servicemembers From Unfair Custody Decisions While Preserving the Child’s Best Interests
Shawn P. Ayotte
Are You “In Good Hands?”: Balancing Protection For Insurers and Insured in First-Party Bad-Faith Claims with a Uniform Standard
Cassandra L. Feeney
Fixing a Crack in the Wall of Separation: Why the Religion Clauses Preclude Adjudication of Sexual Harassment Claims Brought by Ministers
Ryan Jaziri


Reading Between the Lines: The Supreme Court’s Textual Analysis of the ADEA in Gross v. FBL Financial Services, Inc.
Meghan C. Cooper
Coombes v. Florio: The Negative Consequences of Leaving Massachusetts Physicians Open to Endless Third-Party Liability
Kathryn Schwartz