Volume 45 | Issue 4

Volume 45 Issue Four

Paper Symposium

The Law of American State Constitutions

Foreword: Introduction to a Symposium on The Law of American State Constitutions
Lawrence Friedman
Robert F. Williams’s The Law of American State Constitutions
Hon. Sue Bell Cobb & Elizabeth H. Bowles
Criminal Procedure and the Massachusetts Constitution
Hon. Robert J. Cordy
America’s Other Constitutions
Hon. Scott L. Kafker
For Trailblazers, When the U.S. Constitution is Not Enough
Robert S. Peck
State Constitutional Remedies and Judicial Exit Strategies
Randall T. Shepard
In Response: Why State Constitutions Matter
Robert F. Williams


Joe Schmoe’s Name May Not Have Much “Commercial Value,” but His Lawsuit Could Change the Face of the Internet: A Proposal to Preserve ISP Immunity Under the Communications Decency Act Without Sacrificing Statutory Integrity
Andrew J. Sabino


Protecting the Interests of Foreign National Minors in the United States Through Consular Notification: In re Interest of Angelica L.
Caitlin Delphin