Volume 46 | Issue 3

Volume 46 Issue Three


On the Table: An Examination of Medical Malpractice, Litigation, and Methods of Reform

Notes & Comments

New York’s Innovative Approach to Medical Malpractice
Hon. Douglas E. McKeon
The Potential of Captive Medical Liability Insurance Carriers and Damage Caps for Real Malpractice Reform
Eleanor D. Kinney
Medical Apology Programs and the Unauthorized Practice of Law
Gabriel H. Teninbaum
Foreword: Improving Patient Safety and Providing Fair Compensation
Micah L. Berman
Health Care Quality, Patient Safety, and the Culture of Medicine: “Denial Ain’t Just a River in Egypt”
David A. Hyman & Charles Silver
Defining Adverse Events: Should Hospitals Be Liable for Unavoidable Harms?
Barry Furrow
Interior-Vehicle Sniffs: Reining in the Leash on Drug-Dog Sniffs and Searching for the “Search” that Courts Have Yet to Find
Jessica Alfano
What Are the Odds: Applying the Doctrine of Chances to Domestic-Violence Prosecutions in Massachusetts
Michelle Byers
“Look Ma, No Hands!”: Wrinkles and Wrecks in the Age of Autonomous Vehicles
Andrew P. Garza
Repeal Anti-Bribery Legislation? A Defense of Laws Promoting Clean Business and Transparent Governments
Nikolaus Schuttauf
Fleshner v. Pepose Vision Institute: Eviscerating the Mansfield Rule
Robert Buchholz

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