Volume 46 | Issue 2

Volume 46 Issue Two


Lessons from Wal-Mart Stores v. Dukes: About the Legal Quest for Equal Pay
Deborah Thompson Eisenberg
Mr. Sullivan’s Trunk: Constitutional Common Law and Federalism
Hon. Richard E. Welch III


When Evidentiary Rules Enforce Substantive Policies: Same-Sex Marital Privilege Under Federal Rule of Evidence 501 in Diversity Cases
John Bergstresser
Righting the Wrong and Seeing Red: Heat of Passion, the Model Penal Code, and Domestic Violence
Nikolette Y. Clavel
Another Small Step in America’s Battle Against Drunk Driving: How the Spending Clause Can Provide More Uniform Sentences for Drunk-Driving Fatalities
Amanda Staples


A Falling Star in Our Constitutional Constellation: Why the First Circuit’s Decision in Griswold v. Driscoll Undermines Fundamental First Amendment Principles
Abigail Adams

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