Volume 47 | Issue 2

Volume 47 Issue Two


Stemming the Tide of Fiscal Crisis: The Case for Gubernatorial Budget Reductions
Nathaniel S. Downing
Stolen Valor and the First Amendment: Does Trademark Law Leave Congress an Opening?
Susan M. Richey & John M. Greabe
The Effect of Malpractice Liability on Obstetrics and Gynecology: Taking the Measure of A Crisis
Jessica Wolpaw Reyes & René Reyes
Seeking Justice–A Book Review
Gary S. Katzmann


Multinational Corporate Jurisdiction & The Agency Test: Should the United States be a Forum for the World’s Disputes?
Justin Kesselman
University Student Speech and the Internet: A Clusterf***
Elizabeth Nicoll
“Any liar can get an order by merely asserting fear”: Why Chapter 209A Needs to be Revamped to Protect Against the Issuance of Unnecessary Abuse Prevention Orders
Brittany Pierce


United States v. Mitchell: Warrantless DNA and a Whole New Meaning to Being Strip Searched
Brett Bauman
Roads? Where We’re Going We Don’t Need Roads: Back to the Future and the Ninth Circuit’s Use of Traditional Jurisdiction on the Internet Superhighway
William Wynne

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