Volume 47 | Issue 3

Volume 47 Issue Three

Symposium Issue

Crisis in the Judiciary

Foreword: Crisis in the Judiciary
Stewart D. Aaron
Responding to the Crisis–-Reengineering Court Governance and Structure
Daniel J. Hall & Lee Suskin
Moving Past Crisis . . . Promoting Parity: How Effective Intergovernmental Relations Can Help Build a More Co-Equal Judicial Branch
Dr. Roger E. Hartley
The Sky is Falling (Again): Evaluating the Current Crisis in the Judiciary
Donald Campbell
Au Revoir, Voir Dire and Other Costly and Socioeconomically Unjust Judicial Practices
Marie D. Natoli
Shadow and Substance: The Impacts of the Anti-International Law Debate on State Court Judges
Martha F. Davis


The Problem of Politics and Appointments to the Federal Bench: Looking to England for Guidance in Creating a Less Politicized Process
Elizabeth Anderson
All the Kids Are Doing It: The Unconstitutionality of Enforcing Statutory Rape Laws Against Children & Teenagers
Danielle Flynn
Potholes in the Motor City: How Vacant Properties and Neighborhood Stabilization Can Subject Detroit and Similarly Situated Municipalities to Liability
Kimberly Kroha
I Think we Need to Talk This Out: Congress Needs to Mandate Pre-Foreclosure Mediation
Jaclyn Latessa


While You Were Out: You Were Evicted–The Demise of Hotel Privacy in Commonwealth v. Molina
Alaina Anderson

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