Volume 47 | Issue 4

Volume 47 Issue Four

Paper Symposium Issue

Thirteen Ways to Steal a Bicycle

Introduction: Symposium on Thirteen Ways to Steal a Bicycle
Stuart P. Green
Bits, Bytes, and Bicycles: Theft and “Cyber Theft“
Susan W. Brenner
In Defense of Specialized Theft Statutes
David Gray & Chelsea Jones
Hey, He Stole My Copyright!
Putting Theft on Trial in the Tenenbaum Copyright Case
Peter J. Karol
Restoring the Moral Landscape: Character and Blame in Stuart Green’s Thirteen Ways to Steal a Bicycle
Mary Sigler
Is Complexity a Virtue? Reconsidering Theft Crimes
Kenneth W. Simons


Crossing the Rubicon: An Argument for Adopting the Model Penal Code Formulation of Criminal Attempt in Massachusetts
Matthew C. Campbell
Mending Broken Promises: Allowing Homeowners to Pursue Claims of Promissory Estoppel Against Lenders when Denied Loan Modifications
Amy B. Parker
Patent Wars, Trolls, and Privateers: Killing Innovation, Death by 1,000 Lawsuits
William Wynne


Finch v. Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector Authority: State Legislative Determinations and the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act
Matthew Grazio
Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones, but De Minimis Injuries Won’t Preclude Me: Why the Eighth Circuit Correctly Decided Chambers v. Pennycook
Brittany Pierce

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