Volume 48 | Issue 1

Volume 48 Issue One
102nd Commencement Address
Carmen M. Ortiz


Creamskimming and Competition
Jim Chen
Standing Up to Clapper: A Guide to Increasing the Transparency and Oversight of FISA Surveillance
Alan Butler
“Give me that Old Time Religion”: The Persistence of the Webster Reasonable Doubt Instruction and the Need to Abandon it
Hon. Richard E. Welch, III


Avoiding Unintended House Boats: Towards Sensible Coastal Land Use Policy in Massachusetts
Keith Richard
The Moral Judiciary: Restoring Morality as a Basis of Judicial Decision-Making
Erik Hagen
Tales of the Dead: Why Autopsy Reports Should Be Classified as Testimonial Statements Under the Confrontation Clause
Andrew Higley


Putting Beer Goggles on the Jury: Rape, Intoxication, and the Reasonable Man in Commonwealth v. Mountry
Annalise H. Scobey
A Government of the People, by the People, for Who? How In re Enforcement of a Subpoena Ensures that the Judiciary Is Unaccountable
Lindsay Bohan

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