Barbara Smart–A Celebration of Life

2017 New England Law Review v. 51 |2

Barbara Smart–A Celebration of Life

Barbara Smart was very, very special. Among many other things, Barbara was a pioneer.

Barbara was part of the first significant wave of women to enter law school in the United States. That wave—starting in the late 1970’s—changed the legal profession forever. And Barbara was at the forefront.

Barbara attended New England Law | Boston from 1979 to 1982. She was a top-tier student, achieving the highest grades in an extremely tough environment. To be at the top—which Barbara was—is a 7-days per week, 10-hours per day endeavor. Only those who have material native intelligence and massive inner strength can rise to the pinnacle in law school, and Barbara did just that.

Barbara was the Editor-in-Chief of the New England Law Review. A great honor. To be on law review is the most prestigious honor you can achieve in law school. Barbara was not only selected for the Law Review, but she also became its Editor-in-Chief. She was selected to that post by her fellow classmates on the Law Review. In other words, the best and brightest law students at New England Law | Boston chose her to lead them.

I was with Barbara at New England Law | Boston. I can attest firsthand that she was a true star. All of us who knew her from our law school days will remember a lively, bright, and strong Barbara Smart. And—she had a beautiful and radiant smile.

We will miss you Barbara! May peace be with you forever.

From your Friend,

John Fitzgerald

New England Law | Boston Class of 1981

New England Law Review Editor in Chief, 1981.


* * * *

51 New Eng. L. Rev. 2 (2017)