Brian Edmonds

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Brian Edmonds

Online Editor


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Brian Edmonds is the Online Editor of the New England Law Review Volume 54. He is from Pepperell, Massachusetts. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Massachusetts Boston in May of 2016. Brian is currently a 3L J.D. candidate and will graduate in May of 2020. After his 1L year, Brian completed a summer internship with the Law Offices of Marc Redlich located in Boston, Massachusetts. Additionally, Brian has internship experience clerking for judges in both the federal and state court system.

A faculty panel at Notre Dame Law School selected Brian’s submission, Unscrupulous But Zealous Advocacy: Ethics Lessons from David E. Kelley’s TV Lawyers, as the winner of the 2019 Smith-Doheny Legal Ethics Writing Competition. In addition to his role on the New England Law Review, Brian currently serves as a Research Assistant for Professor Jordan Singer at New England Law | Boston. Brian is also a 4th-degree black belt in Uechi-Ryu karate. In addition to his law school responsibilities, he currently teaches karate classes for both children and adults part-time on weekends while attending law school as a full-time student.

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