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Proposals should be submitted to Nicholas Babaian at Forum@nesl.edu. Please include a manuscript, preferably in Microsoft Word format, and a CV or resume with all submissions. Alternatively, you may submit a hard copy by mail to: Executive Online Editor, New England Law Review, 154 Stuart St., Boston, MA 02116.


The New England Law Review requests that contributors comply with the following standards:

Authors: The New England Law Review Forum publishes Essays from legal scholars and practitioners, Comments or Notes from current students at New England Law | Boston, and Responses from professors, judges, and practitioners.

Length: Forum strongly prefers Essays and Comments of 8,500 words or fewer, including footnotes, though the New England Law Review Forum and print will consider pieces of up to 10,000 words, including footnotes. Responses should be no more than 4,000 words.

Citations: Essays and Comments should be lightly footnoted; an appropriate range is 5 to 10 footnotes per 1000 words of above-the-line text. When possible, sources should include a hyperlink. ALWD Guide to Legal Citation is the preferred citation manual.