Volume 51 Issue One

Paper Symposium

Behavioral Legal Ethics: A Behavioral Approach to Lawyer Mistake and Apology

A Behavioral Approach to Lawyer Mistake and Apology
Catherine Gage O’Grady
Lawyers, Impression Management and the Fear of Failure
Donald Langevoort
Behavioral Ethics and the Four-Component Model of Moral Judgment and Behavior
Nancy Sachs and
Milton Regan, Jr.
Lawyering Practice: Uncovering Unconscious Influences Before Rather Than After Errors Occur
Wallace Mlyniec
Moral Courage in Indigent Defense
Tigran Eldred


 Whistleblowing from the Bench
Zachary J. Gregoricus
Shooting in Full Color: How Having Tough Policies in Place Makes the Use of Body Cameras in Law Enforcement Comport with the Fourth Amendment
Richard Shiller


Reading, Writing, and Rethinking Discipline: Evaluation of the Memoranda of Understanding Between Law Enforcement and School Districts in Massachusetts
Dara Yaffe
Crying Fowl Over Church’s Chicken Sandwich Trademark: How Employees Lose Ownership Rights To Their Ideas
Somto Ojukwu