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Forum is the online supplement to the New England Law Review. All Forum content is separate and distinct from that published in the print volumes. The Forum was developed and launched by the members of the Volume 45 Editorial Board and originally titled On Remand. The members of the Volume 52 Editorial Board changed the publication’s name to Forum and it is an online extension of the Law Review‘s print content: it features original works, unique legal commentaries, and responses to articles printed in the Law Review. The structure of Forum allows the Law Review to publish content that may not lend itself to the typical constraints of the print format, while at the same time providing a forum for a more timely and effective response.

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Forum for Civil and Criminal Confinement Archives

Forum for Civil and Criminal Confinement was the online supplement to the New England Law Journal for Civil and Criminal Confinement. The Forum for Civil and Criminal Confinement content was published in print volumes and moved to an entirely online version when the Journal merged with Law Review. When it became entirely online, the Journal was renamed Offer of Proof, before being changed to the Forum for Civil and Criminal Confinement.

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Disclaimer: The New England Law Review, Forum, and Forum for Civil and Criminal Confinement publish scholarly articles that present diverse views on subjects of interest to the legal community. By publishing these views, New England Law | Boston in no way indicates its approval or agreement with them. The New England Law Review is published quarterly by students of the New England Law | Boston with all rights reserved. Periodical postage paid at Boston, Massachusetts, and additional mailing offices.