Korinna Locke

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Korinna Locke

Associate Member


DSC_0004Korinna Locke is an Associate Member of the New England Law Review Volume 54. She is a 2L J.D. candidate and will graduate in May of 2021 with an interest in family law.

Before starting at New England Law, Korinna interned at The Second Step, a domestic violence non-profit, working with the legal team to help the needs of the organization’s clients. Following her 1L year, Korinna worked as a law clerk at a small firm outside of Boston, working in civil litigation. In addition to her role on the New England Law Review, Korinna is also a member of the Family Law Society and Women’s Law Caucus. Korinna is from Norwood, Massachusetts and received her Bachelor of the Arts degree in Sociology with a minor in Legal Studies from Lasell University in 2018.

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