Volume 46 On Remand

Volume 46 | On Remand Articles

Honest Services Fraud: The Trial Courts’s Turn
Sarah Kelly & Megan Jeans
Reforming the Federal Criminal Code Within the Context of White Collar Crime
Frank C. Razzano
Advances in Transboundary Groundwater Management: The Guarani Aquifer Agreement
Bryan A. Green
GPS Monitoring Device Leads the Supreme Court to a Crossroads in Privacy Law
Shaun B. Spencer
The Underappreciated Importance of Issue Sequencing in Contract Litigation: The “Signed Offer” Statute of Frauds Cases
Gregory Scott Crespi
Predator Drone Attacks
Victor Hansen
Courageous Correspondents: Recent Foreign Corrupt Practices Act-Related Scholarship that Rocked the Boat
Richard L. Cassin
The Boston PILOT Task Force One Year Later: Proposed Change and Its Aftermath
Eric A. Lustig
Response: There is a Case for Congress
Victor M. Hansen & Lawrence Friedman
Fiancés are Protected Under Title VII – The Supreme Court Recognizes Third-Party Retaliation Claims in Thompson v. North American Stainless, LP
Lynne M. Woundy

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