Volume 48 On Remand

Volume 48 | On Remand Articles

Note, Sifting Through the Weed: Why Employers and Employees Need Guidance on Massachusetts’ Medical Marijuana Laws
Crystal Kennedy
Legal Writing—What’s Next? Real-World, Persuasion Pedagogy from Day One
Adam Lamparello & Charles E. MacLean
Book Review, Fact and Fiction
Tigran W. Eldred
Constitutional Questions Incident to President Obama’s Puerto Rico Status Plebiscite
Charles R. Venator-Santiago
Book Review, Not-So-Simple Justice
Jordan M. Singer
What Fourth Amendment? Maryland v. King: Another Supreme Court Case Eroding the Charter of Our Existence
Brett A. Bauman
Comment, Who’s Your Daddy?: Reproductive Technology and Defining Consent in Okoli v. Okoli
Caroline M. P. Kelly
When A Positive Drug Test May Not Be Positive: The Questionable Reliability of Hair Analysis To Determine Illegal Drug Use in In re: Boston Police Department Drug Test Appeals
Joseph L. Sulman
Immigration Equality: How DOMA’s Repeal Affected Immigration
Sidra Vitale
A Different Perspective on the Boston Lockdown
Alexander J. Blenkinsopp

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