Volume 50 Online Symposium

The Market Basket Saga:
Then, Now, and What’s to Come

Foreword and Background: The Legacy of the Market Basket/Demoulas Saga
Eric A. Lustig
What’s Law Got to Do with It? An Essay About the Balance of Power in Corporate Governance Between Officers, Directors, and Shareholders
Eric J. Gouvin
Book Review, A Grocery Chain, Family Strife, and Worker Solidarity: We Are Market Basket: The Story of the Unlikely Grassroots Movement that Saved A Beloved Business. By Daniel Korshun & Grant Welker. New York, NY: American Management Association. 2015. Pp. 256. $24.95.
Gary M. Bishop
The “Close Corporation” Legacy of the Demoulas/Market Basket Saga: A Case Against Type?
Eric A. Lustig &
Susan R. Finneran
Podcast, Online Symposium: The Market Basket Saga
Featuring Eric A. Lustig,
Gary M. Bishop &
Eric J. Gouvin