New England Law Review Forum  Podcast

Welcome to the New England Law Review Forum ’s Podcast. The Podcast features forthcoming authors—both professionals and students—to be featured in Forum and our print publication, New England Law | Boston professors discussing their scholarship, as well interviews with symposia guests.

The interviews are conducted and edited by New England Law Review editors. Whether a listener is a student, professor, or practitioner, there’s certain to be something of interest in the Podcast for everyone.

Visit our Podomatic profile page to cycle through all of our episodes, or use the media player located on this website, along the right-side column. Or, download episodes from our iTunes page, and be sure to leave a review.

Below, you can listen to our podcast recorded in place of the Winter 2017 Symposium. Our panelists came onto our podcast to discuss the symposium topic, “The Novelization of the Criminal Justice System & Its Effect on Pop Culture.” We were joined by New York Times bestselling author Professor Alafair Burke, Honorable Michael Ponsor, and New England Law | Boston Professor Peter Manus.

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