Sofia Nuno Unanue

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Sofia Nuno Unanue

Associate Member



Sofia Nuño is an Associate Member of the New England Law Review Volume 54. She is a 2L J.D. candidate and will graduate May of 2021 with an interest in criminal law. Sofia recently completed an internship with the Honorable Justice Kafker at the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court.

During her 1L year, Sofia participated in the ABA Client Counseling Competition and the Alternative Spring Break with the Volunteer Lawyers Project. Starting her 2L year, Sofia will be working at the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office through the Government Lawyer Clinic. In addition to her role on the New England Law Review, Sofia is a Student Ambassador and a volunteer for the CORI Initiative. Sofia is originally from Guadalajara, Mexico and received her B.A. and Master’s in Legal Studies from the University of Arizona in 2016.

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