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Pandemic Priorities: Public Health, Not Immigrant Detention

The United States is now fully subject to the rampaging effects of Covid-19.  Whether the Trump Administration admits it or not is no longer relevant. The virus is unmoved by pleas to focus on the economy or on Trump’s re-election ambitions.  In the midst of this void of leadership, a public health hot spot is… Continue reading Pandemic Priorities: Public Health, Not Immigrant Detention


Contributing Author Profile: Steven Gariepy

Contributing Editor: Robin Craig
In today’s ever-changing environment, it is important to understand the interconnectedness of military and civilian life, the role law has in governing the use of military force, and how the U.S. government seeks to reduce civilian casualties in active combat environments. Having been deployed in Afghanistan, Lieutenant Colonel Steven Gariepy draws on his first-hand military experience to confront these issues and how the U.S., and its NATO allies, address the legal and humanitarian complications related with military action. Presenting on topics, including “International Humanitarian Law in Practice” and “Mitigating Civilian Casualties in Afghanistan: The Applicability of International Human Rights Law during Military Operations,” Lieutenant Colonel Gariepy applies practical knowledge and experience to complex, multi-layered issues in a manner his audience can understand.