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The Assault on Affirmative Action in Education

Among the polarizing initiatives of the Trump administration are its policies on education. Whether addressing sexual assault on campuses, funding for the Special Olympics, or the prospect of training teachers in the use of deadly weapons, the Department of Education (DEd) has stunned policy-watchers in its willingness to promote or support regressive changes to the… Continue reading The Assault on Affirmative Action in Education


Article Preview: “Reforming Civil Asset Forfeiture”

Contributing Editor: Greg Mosher
Citizens who own property in Massachusetts, or pass through Massachusetts, are at a greater risk of having their property taken and sold by the Commonwealth than in almost any other state. As if Due Process no longer applies, the Commonwealth presumes the property itself guilty, seizes it, sells it, and uses the cold hard cash to pad police and prosecutor budgets. In Reforming Civil Asset Forfeiture: Ensuring Fairness and Due Process for Property Owners in Massachusetts, Charles Basler champions civil asset forfeiture laws that are nobler than The Commonwealth’s. He explains that among the states, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is an outlier. This is not because Massachusetts is the archetype of change or on the cutting edge of social justice, but because its civil asset forfeiture law is unusually similar to federal laws of yore that were repealed some time ago.