Current Issue

Volume 51 Issue Two

Book Symposium

The Novelization of the Criminal Justice System and Its Effect on Pop Culture

This issue is dedicated to the memory of Barbara Smart, a pioneer and cherished
Editor-in-Chief of The New England Law Review, volume 17.
* * * *


Why Fiction?
Alafair S. Burke
Kooks, Crooks, Brutes, or Rhadamanthine Opacites: Some Thoughts on the Depiction of Judges in Popular Fiction
Michael A. Ponsor
Re-Reading Alafair Burke’s The Ex
I. Bennett Capers
Narratives of Criminal Procedure from Doyle to Chandler to Burke
Simon Stern
The Chow: Depictions of the Criminal Justice System as a Character in Crime Fiction
Marianne Wesson
Law and Noir
Peter Manus


“Target Standing”: Constitutional Violations Going Undeterred and the Exclusionary Rule the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Should Have Adopted
Ashley Peel


Obscene Terrorism: Can the First Amendment’s Obscenity Framework be Applied to Terrorist Speech?
Alexander Conley
“Asteroids for Sale”: Private Property Rights in Outer Space, and the SPACE Act of 2015
Justin Rostoff
Resurrecting Roe and Reinventing Casey: Taking Back a Woman’s Right to Chose
Elizabeth P. Dailey
FIFA: For the Game or For-Profit?
Rachael E. Bandeira

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