Spring 2011

Professor Robert F. Williams:

The Law of American State Constitutions

On March 10, 2011, the New England Law Review hosted a lecture with Professor Robert F. Williams of Rutgers School of Law | Camden. Professor Williams is a renowned scholar in the area of state constitutional law and is the associate director of the Center for State Constitutional Studies at Rutgers. He joined the students and audience at NEL|B to discuss his recent publication, The Law of American State Constitutions.

The Symposium was cosponsored by the Boston Bar Association – Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Section. This lecture was associated with the fourth issue of the Law Review‘s current volume, which will include contributions from a number of noted judges and scholars responding to Professor Williams’ work on state constitutional law.

Contributors include:


Gallery From Professor Williams’s Lecture | March 10, 2011

Professor Robert F. Williams


Justice Scott Kafker, of the Massachusetts Appeals Court, and Justice Robert Cordy, of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court
Professor Lawrence Friedman, NEL|B, and Professor Robert Williams, Rutgers University School of Law


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