Volume 53 Forum

Volume 53 Forum Articles

Professional Articles

Playing by the Rules: Upward Mobility and Administrative Law Judges
Monica Teixeira de Sousa
Why the Potential Future Varsity Blues Legal Trial Should Make College Admissions Fair Game for All Students
Elizabeth Vulaj
99% Human and 1% Animal? Patentable Subject Matter and Creating Organs via Interspecies Blastocyst Complementation
Jerry I-H Hsiao
Dreams without Illusions: The Bureaucratic Cholesterol, Administrative Corruption and the Future of a Real Democratic Middle East
Mohamed ‘Arafa (Forthcoming)

Student Articles

The Massachusetts Sexually Dangerous Persons Statute: A Critique of the Unanimous Jury Verdict Requirement 
Widmaier Marcus Charles
The Fight Against Online Sex Trafficking: Why the Federal Government Should View the Internet as a Tool and Not a Weapon
Brittany Parziale
Federal Law Fails Transgender Community: Americans With Disabilities Act and The Gender Identity Exclusion
Amber Trotter (Forthcoming)